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BENNY MORE cienfuegos

Benny More sings his composition CIENFUEGO live in Radio Progreso. Benny Moré (Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez, was born on August 24, 1919 and died in 19 February19, 1963. He is often thought of as the greatest Cuban popular singer of all time. He was gifted with an innate musicality and fluid tenor voice which he colored and phrased with great expressivity. Moré was a master of most genres of Cuban music, such as the son montuno, mambo, guaracha, and bolero. In particular, it is unusual for a singer to be equally proficient at both the fast rhythms (e.g. guaracha) and the slower rhythms, such as the bolero. Moré also formed and led the leading Cuban big band of the 1950s, until his

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